Dispair With Rihanna

I try to avoid reading about people such as Rihanna at all costs – especially since this whole Chris Brown debacle. However, my problem with that situation has led me to angrily type this blog post. Okay, Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown. But I find it very inappropriate that she is now posting photographs of him topless on her bed. What kind of message is that sending to young girls? Of course it’s okay for her to forgive the man that beat her – she shamed him, his reputation has been irreversibly tarnished and now she has decided enough is enough and they can become friends once more. But, to then post photographs of Brown, semi-naked on her bed, whether they are back in a relationship or not, is unacceptable. If that is her decision, then it should be done privately. Her previous decision to publicly talk about Chris Brown’s abusive behaviour, caused her fans (and people like me) to be shocked and disgusted by Brown. She knew this would happen, and while it’s not for any of us to say whether she should forgive him or not, I just feel that the situation wasn’t handled properly. Especially when some of her biggest fans will be very impressionable and young, and may see Rihanna’s behaviour as condoning an abusive partner by taking him back, despite the fact that time has passed.

Rihanna knows the levels of her fame – and knows that she is looked up to by millions of young girls and boys. Whether she wants it or not, that is the way it is, and for an issue as important and serious as domestic violence, I think she needs be more careful about the way she handles such matters.