Organise A Surprise Party

In three words? Really. Bloody. Stressful. The feelings of utter elation at the thought of your boyfriend being suprised by some of his oldest friends at a bar that has been decked out with food and balloons for his 21st is mixed with the horrible knots that form in your stomach at the thought that something might go wrong – that people might turn up late – that he might find out what you’re planning at the last minute. Oh. God. It’s been a stressful day. It started off wonderfully. I got a great grade on one of my English essays and I was completely over the moon. I’d worked really hard on it, and to see, finally, a mark reflect that, was fantastic. After receiving that, I wizzed into the city centre to sort out any final preparations for the party for my boyfriend, that is being held this evening in the one, the only, Evil Eye bar.

For weeks I have had to text/email/call people to double check they’re coming and to swear them to secrecy. I’ve organised a cake, booked the bar’s party rooms, emailed my boyfriend’s parents back and forth for weeks and all seemed to be going a-ok. Then today, I dropped off the cake and balloons at Evil Eye, paid once and for all for all the food, and now all I have to do is wait at my house for my boyfriend to arrive, while, supposedly everybody gathers in the bar and waits to shout SURPRISE at 8. I am cacking my pants. The rooms in the upstairs part of the building are reserved for our party from 6 45. It is now nearly 7 and I’m not sure people are turning up there until 7 30. What if they get angry? What if, when myself and my boyfriend arrive, someone stops us at the entrance and says ‘are we part of the party that is upstairs?’ What will I say?

For now, I am going to go downstairs, make myself a calming cup of tea and wait for my boyfriend to come. We will see what happens tonight. I am crossing every possible crossable part of my body that things go to plan. Once I know that everyone is in the bar – via my excellent friend and party planner co-ordinator Saskia – I can breathe slightly. Here goes nothing!