Have A Great Week

Okay, so this post covers a little over seven days – but hey, it’s nearly Christmas, who cares?

So, I present to you a week of madness, food and fun in the form of both words and photographs (and apologies in advance for the dodgy photo quality!)…


From left to right: 1/ A delicious hot chocolate that I made last week because it was just too cold

2/ Giving the special one a kiss for his 21st surprise birthday that went off without a single hitch

3/ A beautiful gift from Penhaligon’s that I was given to say ‘thank you’ for organising such a successful party

4/ The pinky-red sunset on the train home from London to York after The Rolling Stones gigcollage2

1/ Sticky toffee pudding at the wonderful Kennedy’s in York

2/ Evil Eye’s super-duper Sunday roast for just £7

3/ The top of my boyfriend’s 21st birthday cake that I nibbled

4/ Party co-ordinator and housemate Saskia getting in the shots for everybody!


A collage of photographs from the surprise 21st birthday party

large-1The ah-mazing oreo chocolate truffles that my friend Dani made, which we ate whilst watching a terrible episode of Made in Chelsea. They made everything okay.