Hate TV Adverts

Alexander the wonderful Meerkat - simples!

Aleksandr the wonderful Meerkat – simples!

“Go Comparrrrreee! Go Comparrrreee! When you insure you must be sure to Go Compparreee!”

“Choo Choo Choo make savings with the Trainline, Choo Choo Choo la la la la la”

These are just two of the many adverts that I hate with a burning passion that originates deep within my very soul. I just want to watch a television programme all the way through without being subjected to these inane, often totally stupid adverts for four minutes on end. What happened to the great adverts of the good old days? Such as the John West Salmon Bear advert where a crazy salmon farmer runs down to the mouth of the river and has a fight with a grizzly bear because he wants the salmon that the bear is catching? I loved that advert – it made me laugh out loud every time I saw it. Or more recently, the brilliant Skoda Fabia advert where we see a car made out of cake as Julie Andrews sings ‘Those are a few of my favourite things’. I don’t mind watching adverts when they are thought-provoking, clever or funny. Even adverts that were meant to make an impact, such as the NSPCC advert of an abused child who is depicted as a cartoon, don’t seem to feature on the television as much. I didn’t enjoy watching that advert, but it was so harrowing that I’ve never forgotten it and I’ve included it below in case you can bear to watch it again.

Last night, while at my friends house, the only adverts I saw were irritating, poorly made bingo or gambling ones – which, for a start, I have a problem with because surely many impressionable and cash-strapped people are going to eventually reach for the laptop and try out these sites where you can win ‘loads of cash!’ – or appeals for donations to be sent to Africa. Of course I understand how important that is, but these adverts are so badly made, I think, that I feel many people have become desensitized to two minute long adverts of images of hungry children. The whole point of adverts is to make you think, have an effect, stay in your memory, but at the moment none of the current adverts are doing this. They are either badly thought out or just plain irritating. About the only ones I can handle are the Compare the Meerkat ones, because they are quite comical and I like Aleksandr, and the Cravendale Cats with Thumbs, which I have also included below. I hope I’m not the only one who has become disillusioned with TV advertising lately! Sometimes I do think that I could do a better job thinking up a fantastic advert than the ones I see – and I bet they cost hundreds and hundreds of thousands and for what?!