Enjoy Tapas With Friends

Casa Brindisa

Last week I ventured out in a flurry of snowflakes to hop on a train to London to see my two friends April and Alis for their 21st birthdays. I had missed their party the previous weekend, so decided that I couldn’t not see them as it was the big 2-1 for each of them on the 14th January. I crossed my fingers that the snow wouldn’t leave me stranded in London and bundled up ready to do something special with them.

Initially, we had planned to go to the V&A Hollywood costume exhibition – which I was dying to go and see – however I was informed that it was sold out and so we just decided to relax in a lovely restaurant and while away the few hours we had together eating good food and drinking wine. I caught the tube to South Kensington and met my two friends there. As it was raining and miserable in London (not snowy and magical like York was) we decided upon somewhere to eat quite quickly! And the place we chose was something else: the delicious, mouth-watering Tapas bar Casa Brindisa. 

I have never really eaten tapas before (yup, I do realise that I have been missing out) and was excited to try something new. After a lot of umming and ahhing over the wide variety on the menu we settled on a couple of dishes each with bread to share and a nice bottle of white wine. My dishes were to DIE for. Deep fried goats cheese with orange blossom honey and duck breast served with peach chutney which both went well with the toasted bread and alioli we shared. It was sublime. And yes I am a lover of food so I am quite open-minded when it comes to eating out, however this really was something quite special.

Deep Fried Goats Cheese with Orange Blossom Honey

Deep Fried Goats Cheese with Orange Blossom Honey



Lamb with Peach Chutney

Duck with Peach Chutney

The whole meal was absolutely scrumptious and the service was fantastic. The waiters were charming and funny and for London the prices weren’t too outrageous. Frankly, the food was so good I wouldn’t have minded paying a little extra. I’m definitely going to be making my own version of the goats cheese and honey at home. I’ve eaten it in restaurants before but I forgot how amazing it is!

If you are around the London Bridge area, Soho, Shoreditch or South Kensington be sure to pop in and try a couple of their dishes. You won’t be disappointed and it’s really great to try something different to the usual burger/steak and chips that I tend to go for.