Laugh Like A Crazy Person


It’s good for the stomach and it’s good for the soul. Last night, for not really any reason at all, something someone said made me crack up for a full five minutes or so. I don’t know why – it wasn’t that funny, but I felt like I had lost all my marbles and was just enjoying the moment of laughing crazily. It was a full on belly laugh and afterwards I was shattered. This week started off insane with an email from my mother, and I quote:

Can you send it to this person I have cc’d as I have to go and pick up two transvestites for a meeting in Brighton!
 Slung a dead pigeon over the neighbours wall!
My friend Saskia and I were in hysterics in the aisle of Superdrug laughing at the ridiculousness of parents. I had been feeling a bit weary this week, I’m not sure why, just a bit tired of university. I guess it’s January and the cold and darkness is getting a little old now. Having a good laugh about nothing really cheered me up last night and believe it or not I felt a lot better today. Have you had a good giggle recently?