Hear The World’s Best Story


I don’t have that many hilarious, jaw dropping stories that are worthy of being passed on from person to person but this one is definitely just that. It was told to me by my Dad, who I think was told by a guy from work. Anyhow, it’s a classic so listen up.

A smart gentleman is on a business trip in San Francisco

One afternoon he leaves his hotel room, presses the elevator button and waits patiently for the lift to arrive

The doors slide open and the gentleman steps in

He isn’t focussing all that much, but manages to clock two tall black guys already standing in the elevator

Minding his own business, the guy is totally shocked when one of the guys behind him shout “HIT THE FLOOR”

Panicked and taken aback, the businessman drops to the floor and stays there until the two guys step over him a few levels above ground floor

As the lift reaches the hotel lobby, and the doors slide open, the shaken businessman gets up, straightens his clothes and rather shakily heads out for an afternoon in San Fran

It isn’t until the next morning, when the gentleman is checking out of his hotel and about to pay that the concierge says “Sir, you have a note here”

She hands him the note that reads:

“You gave me the best laugh I have had in years.

Sorry to startle you, your stay at the hotel is on me, Will Smith”

Isn’t that the BEST story you’ve heard in years?!