Eat My Way Round York

Before I came to York to study, I had only really been once and didn’t realise all that this little city has to offer. Especially in terms of food. In the past couple of weeks I have eaten out at some wonderful places and thought I’d share them with you. It’s nice to appreciate what is on offer in the places we live, as sometimes we take it all for granted and don’t really notice the independent eateries that are far better than Starbucks, Costa, Nero etcetc (sorry, avid Starbucks lovers).



These two images above were taken at Mannion & Co – a lovely little family run delicatessen and cafe which serves the most delicious, fresh food imaginable. I chose the brie and bacon sandwich – amazing. The service is lovely and the cafe is exactly how I would love my own kitchen to look. Stop by if you fancy a delicious sandwich, deli platter or sublime homemade cake and cappuccino.

Filmore and Union

Filmore and Union






My crazy friend Saskia

Filmore & Union is a delicatessen based on the wonderfully nutritious and quirky cafes you find in San Francisco. If you’ve been to San Fran, you’ll know what Filmore is trying to achieve and they do it very well. My friend Saskia and I treated ourselves to two juices (essential when you’re surviving on a student diet of toasties and salt and vinegar crisps) and shared a brownie. The menu offers healthy bagels – which is what most of my friends rave about when they head here -, vibrant salads, yummy soups, tagines, wonderful looking pastas and pies and cakes that will make you ditch the New Year diet. You feel like you really are in San Francisco, New York or somewhere very cool even though it is rainy England outside. I love it.

Hot chocolate at Bruks

Hot chocolate at Bruks

Bruks doesn’t have a website but it is definitely worth a visit. I went there for a spontaneous hot chocolate with my lovely boyfriend last week and the lady who welcomed us in was super smiley and welcoming. They offered the kind of hot chocolate I like: nothing pretentious, just a nice big mug of steaming hot chocolate topped with lashings of whipped cream and a chocolate flake. Bruks offers both savoury and sweet crepes – goats cheese and walnut caught my eye – and generous sandwiches and baguettes.

King prawns @ Khao San Road

King prawns @ Khao San Road

I am going to dedicate a whole blog post to this place because it deserves its own review: Khao San Road. If you are a fan of Thai food then you HAVE to plan a trip. It is great value for money for the quantities you get. I think I got a starter, main and a drink for £15 or so. The starter I had a couple of weeks ago was King Prawns on glass noodles and for main, it is always Penang chicken curry. I can’t explain how tasty the food is and how efficiently you are served – you just have to go and see for yourself.