Have An Unhealthy Addiction


Tea is my one true love. If I could marry a teabag I probably would. OK, that sounds very strange, but you know what I mean. No matter if you’re hot, cold, have something to celebrate or are feeling down right shitty, a cup of tea will do the trick. I am often told I have a problem with tea, but I think I could be addicted to a lot worse. I recently invested in a flask which was an excellent plan as I am often in the library and spending £1.40 a time on hot water and tea leaves seems ridiculous. I even take the flask to my seminars and it helps to keep me awake if the tutor is particularly diabolical that day.

Today has been one of those shitty days. Both my housemate and I woke up around the same time, coughing and sneezing and talking like we were holding our noses. Synchronized flu isn’t as fun as it sounds. I then left my housemate and came to university to sit for hours on end trying to tackle an essay, which thankfully, has progressed somewhat (even if at a sluggish rate). I’m not really sure what the purpose of this post is – just to declare my love for tea, really, as sad as it may be it is one of those small pleasures in life that brings me happiness!

Here are some pretty pictures I found on Pinterest: