♥ Essie


Turquoise & Caicos, Bachelorette Bash, Marshmallow and Lilacism



I only recently got into Essie nail polishes, starting with the white Marshmallow colour, and I still only have a few but I am hoping to slowly but surely build up my collection. The four colours featured here are Bachelorette Bash, Turquoise & Caicos, Marshmallow and Lilacism and all are beautiful, rich colours. At £8 pop a time they aren’t cheap, but they seem to last longer and chip a little less frequently than my other cheaper Rimmel varnishes do, for example. The stand in my local Superdrug is very tempting, and all the polishes together look like an assortment of sweeties waiting to be chosen.

I painted my nails alternating colours this afternoon, as a little break from writing an essay. Over the last few days I have been struck down with a cold and even though I haven’t done all that much this weekend for some reason I feel totally exhausted. Hopefully, after copious amounts of disgusting Lemsip (I hate that stuff, do you?) tomorrow should be a better and brighter day!