Long For A Bygone Era


I don’t think anybody epitomises old Hollywood glamour like the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. I’m not sure why, but the other evening I was snuggled on the sofa watching Jaws (quite the opposite of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, yes) and I had this feeling that I wish I could return to a different era for a little while. An era before Smart phones that seem to have replaced face to face conversation and Facebook that is meant to ‘connect’ us more, but has actually made us feel even more lonely, and a time when Thunderbirds were attached to strings not CGI-IFIED!!

Watching Jaws and the big mechanical shark, which to us today looks pretty silly, I wished that as a planet we didn’t expect so much these days, myself included. The next gadget, the latest device which is meant to make life easier but somehow complicates it. We want things now, fast. Of course social media is fantastic and helps many small businesses and individuals in many ways, but it also means that we are now never apart from our mobile phones/laptops for more than half an hour. We ‘can’t live without’ an electronic device attached to our hand. It is like a growth.

I wish I had the need to use a telephone box, that I wrote more letters. Sometimes I wish I could wander along the streets of New York at 5am in the morning, eating a croissant and worrying about very little, except maybe when the next social occassion would be and when Cat needed feeding (Breakfast at Tiffany’s reference). I’d like to experience a time before this 21st Century technology-obsessed age. Or maybe I just want to be in a Hollywood movie?