Have The Perfect Date Night


Last night, I felt like a VERY lucky girl. Obviously it was Valentine’s Day and a special occasion, however my boyfriend’s great work inspired me to write a post about how to set up the perfect date night for any night of the week: for a first date or an anniversary with a long time boyfriend/girlfriend – whatever the occasion, this is ideal.

Sorry about the photograph – it isn’t the best quality, however it was very dark in the room and was only lit by candelight so that is why! My lovely boyfriend had set this whole thing up yesterday and put his excellent acting skills to the test when he pretended that we were booked into a restaurant, that the manager had double booked us so that we could no longer go and that we were heading home together with no plans whatsoever. When I walked into his bedroom, I was greeted by this little picnic area that he had set up in one corner of his room. Comfy cushions and the duvet were on the floor, multicoloured fairylights were strung around the snuggly area and tealights were arranged around the edge, on the radiator and on top of vintage vinyls. Nick Drake was playing on the speakers, who is somebody that we started listening to when we first started dating, and on a tray in the centre of the duvet was a whole selection of yummy food: a french stick, hummus, olives, sundried tomatoes, olives and a bottle of delicious red wine.


I couldn’t stop smiling, it was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me and reminded me of something in a film! It was so much better than going to a restaurant with all the other couples of Valentine’s Day and took a lot more effort which was what made it so lovely. It is ideal for any kind of date night, because it’s away from the prying eyes of lots of other couples/families in a restaurant environment and it means you can take total control of what you eat and when. It’s also a more relaxed environment: I wasn’t dressed up to the nines and because it was at home, we could watch a film and pause it when we wanted to start cooking the main course. You can choose food that fits in with your budget and the whole picnic idea is inexpensive but so romantic from a girl’s perspective. Well, mine anyway. It felt a little bit like we were camping inside and I love that idea as I’m not a good camper!

We had control of the music as well, which is something you definitely don’t have in a restaurant. I think if you’re going to surprise either a boyfriend or a girlfriend it is perfect. You can add your own personal touches that mean something to you both as a couple such as playing your favourite song on the speakers or cooking a meal that you both adore. If it isn’t a particularly special occasion, at the very least it adds a bit of romance to the mundaneness of doing the same thing every night after work.

Below are some very gorgeous photographs (courtesy of Pinterest) of doing this very type of date night at home with that special someone: