Try Not To Doubt Yourself


Courtesy of Pinterest

Sometimes, just when we think we have things sorted and know what’s what, something happens that throws everything off kilter. This Wednesday I got some crappy university essay marks which were well below the high standards I set for myself. It threw off the rest of the week really, and for the last few days I’ve felt down and lost. The usual, horrible feelings of self-doubt and failure crept in: why am I doing this course? Am I useless at it? Should I just give up? It’s difficult, when you work very hard at something and give it your all, not to feel disheartened when it doesn’t turn out how you thought it would or should.

People say, “Just use it as motivation to do better next time!” or “You gave it your best and that’s all that matters!” but it still feels just as shitty. Anyway, despite feeling rubbish this week, and feeling like I’m useless, I am trying to turn that around. Partly by giving myself a figurative slap round the face and saying It’s not the end of the world!! You have plenty of time to change things and make them better! and partly by realising that there are bigger and worse things happening in this world and in the grand scheme of things, a couple of bad grades aren’t going to ruin everything. That would only happen if I let the self-doubt take over and affect the way I do things in the future, and I’m not going to let that happen!

This quote I found on Pinterest is apt for every situation in life. As we are all told time and time again, making mistakes and facing obstacles is what makes us better people because we learn from them. Nobody wants a smooth-sailing life, do they?! Because then where would the challenge be? Where would that wonderful feeling of satisfaction and gratification be when you beat the odds, surprise yourself and others and do bloody fantastically on the next task/assignment/essay you have to do? Don’t doubt yourself – nobody is perfect, and everyone’s confidence takes a knock now and then. The best people are those who take it within their stride, not letting that bugger ‘doubt’ get in the way of their goals and dreams.