Spice Up Your Life!


Sometimes we feel a little bit like we’re stuck in a rut. Same routine, same daily chores, same meals that we eat, same-same-same. My goal for this month was to turn that ‘sameness’ around and spice up my life a little bit. Now getting yourself out of a rut does of course depend on your situation: I am not in a full-time job or prosperous career, I am merely a university student with a lot of time on my hands however if you are busy, you can still feel a little bit frustrated with your life. It’s all about trying new things and doing different things as much as you can. That’s what keeps life interesting and stops you feeling like your life is, how shall we say, stagnant.

The way I have achieved that this month is by joining the gym and booking up lots of classes, securing myself a part-time job at a brilliant vegetarian restaurant and trying out lots of new recipes which may take time and patience, but deliver a delicious, healthy meal at the end of it. 

In life, we need structure and challenges to keep us stimulated so why not mix up your routine a little bit? It doesn’t have to be joining the gym, although it is true what they say that the feeling after a workout (endorphins + smugness) is great – it could be making a dish from around the world each week. Try putting down in your diary that you are definitely going to have a cinema or movie night once a week is a great way of adding a new dimension to your usual weekly routine and ensures a slice of culture now and then (as long as you watch some classics and not 27 Dresses!) Even picking up a book from your local shop or library is a good start: I have just started reading Christopher Hitchens Hitch-22 alongside my university reading and it is brilliant. He is a wonderful writer and his life story thus far is novel-worthy.

Give it a go – spice up your life!