Consider: Do I Jump On The High-Top Bandwagon?

I first knew about High-tops after seeing my sister buy a very garish pair of chunky ones about two years ago. I wasn’t a huge fan – they were far too bulky for my liking and wouldn’t have suited me at all! I’m talking about something along these lines…


So yeah, not for me. However recently I have seen more and more fashionable high tops out and about with, as always, Isabel Marant leading the way with her gorgeous pair of sneakers which have been seen on just about everybody including my favourite girl-crush, Miranda Kerr. Below is her effortlessly cool look + grey sneakers.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

There are plenty of high top wedges around as well, however this is a particular trend which I’m certain will pass soon enough. It’s a bit of a novelty and I am looking for a pair of high tops/sneakers that can take wear and tear – dancing on my feet all night long – and mooching around town/walking to and from university. I’m just not sure that wedges are going to cut it.

Here are some gorgeous shoes I was using as inspiration…

Zara High Top Wedges; Ash Subway Sneaker

Zara High Top Wedges; Ash Subway Sneakers

Gola Liberty Quota Betsy Blue High Top Trainers: Isabel Marant Bobby Sneaker

Gola Liberty Quota Betsy Blue High Top Trainers: Isabel Marant Bobby Sneaker

After googling a lot I found this lovely pair from River Island. I don’t want to pay the odds for a pair of casual shoes – although I would love the Isabel Marant’s if I could afford them! – and I didn’t want anything too chunky or flashy. For £30, the cheapest of all the shoes on this post, I think these are just about right, don’t you?