Be Frustrated With L’Oreal


L'Oreal Studio Line Matt & Messy Salt Spray

L’Oreal showing that you need a lot more than this spray to volumise your hair

Have you seen the L’Oreal Matt & Messy advert? Beautiful model with that just-fallen-out-of-bed-with-perfectly-tousled-and-sexy-voluminous-hair look? I want that hair so bad, however I have been a little disappointed with this L’Oreal product. My hair is quite fine and I was hoping after a lot of rave reviews that this spray would do the trick. Well, it’s OK. That’s all it is: OK. Maybe it’s just my hair, and in that case I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anybody who has thin hair, but I was hoping that because of this the spray would add some texture and oompf ! What this spray seems to do is either make my hair go crispy and hard in places, or I have to use a lot of it and I sort-of get a little extra volume which lasts approximately three minutes until I step outside of the house. Oh L’Oreal I was really counting on you!