Make Homemade Pizza!

In my weird, confused, essay-induced state I have seemingly decided that now is the right time to start cooking a little more adventurously and spending what TEENSY funds I have on luxurious items like brie and sun-dried tomatoes.  Yup, this is what a pointless humanities degree will do to you. You’ll start acting crazy and deciding to make your own pizza rather than ordering in – and it’s so much better

All you need is the basics: Napolina pizza bases or mini pizza bases and their tomato pizza sauce

And the rest is up to you. You can pile your pizzas high with as many cheeses as your heart desires, or make a classic like pineapple and ham or better yet, put together delicious cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. The choice of toppings is endless: any type of cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, anchovies, ham, bacon, pepperoni, sweetcorn; it’s your pizza and you can pop whatever you fancy on top..anything goes

Spread the pizza sauce over the pre-made dough bases, and then go ahead and make your pizzas



I chose to put slices of bacon, brie, sun dried tomatoes and a sprinkling of oregano over mine. A little bit random, however this was what I had in the fridge and it made for an exotic, delicious flavour. Drizzle some more olive oil over the top of your pizzas before placing in the oven


Pop in the oven at a high temperature – 210 degrees/Gas mark 7 for 10-12 minutes




And your pizzas will come out bubbling and just starting to brown: perfect. A quick and easy way to entertain guests or, if you’re feeling spontaneous and a little bit luxurious, then you can just whip up a couple for yourself, as I did.