Reflect On The Weekend

This weekend hasn’t been very hard-going, but it has been filled with a couple of little achievements here and there. As well as a bit of university work that I got on with, I also went to a fantastic yoga class yesterday afternoon. Although it is always pretty tough at the beginning because I am so unflexible, by the end of the session you feel revitalised and that little bit closer to touching your toes!


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As well as that, two girlfriends and I went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and scoffed chips, towering burgers, halloumi and more monkey nuts that you can imagine. The table was littered with empty shells and we were at the restaurant being silly from just after 8 until 10.30!

I also received my gorgeous high tops that I mentioned in this post and I love them! They aren’t too flashy/bulky and the fur lining is gorgeous.


They’re a steal at £30 from River Island and you can get them here

Another achievement this weekend, and a tip for anybody who is cash-strapped out there, look out on eBay for cheap finds such as the coveted Topshop Leigh Supersoft Jeans. In the shops, they are a slightly ridiculous £40 but online, you can get good-as-new pairs for around £10-£15. I don’t mind somebody having worn a pair once, I can just stick them in the wash when I receive them. That’s certainly worth saving £25-30 for! Have a look for yourself on eBay.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I always watched far too many reruns of Sex And The City and drooled over Carrie’s wardrobe – God I love that show!


I hope you all had lovely weekends too!