Get Eyelash Extensions: Yes or No?

Eyelash extensions

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If you’re like me, you will have short, sparse eyelashes that drive you insane. I’ve written about having rather rubbish eyelashes here and I decided to write a post about whether it’s a good idea to go for eyelash extensions or not: the pros and the cons.

The Pros

  • You will leave the beauticians feeling a million bucks…and then continue feeling this way for weeks after (as long as you look after them correctly). I personally think, above all else, the best thing anyone can do make up-wise is curling lashes and applying a generous amount of mascara. You will instantly look younger and more awake. With the extensions, that part of your make up routine is already covered and you always look great because your eyelashes are catwalk(street)-ready!
  • With that being said, the beauty of eyelash extensions is you don’t have to worry about curling/applying mascara. You can add a little mascara each day if you feel like it, but it’s certainly not necessary as the extensions are dark and thick, and you may end up cutting the life of your extensions if you apply mascara every day
  • If you look after your new eyelashes, they can last up to six weeks. Yes mine got a little bit sparse by the end, but for roughly six weeks my eyelashes looked fantastic. This means that although they initially may seem a bit pricey (mine were £60), if you look after them it’s good value
  • At my beauticians, I could get top ups on the eyelashes for £20 after three or four weeks if I so wished. It means you can get virtually a full set once again, but for a fraction of the price
  • You get so many compliments – honestly, people would stare at the eyelashes for a while and then ask in shock if they were really my own

The Cons

  • The application process isn’t the most comfortable. It takes around an hour and cellotape is stuck underneath your bottom lashes so that it makes things easier for the beautician. This is quite uncomfortable and feels very strange
  • While the eyelashes are good for people who want easy lives in terms of less make up application, in other ways they are quite an effort. To make sure your extensions last, it means being careful when in the shower – not letting the water spray directly on your eyelashes – being very gentle if you are removing mascara and being a little more cautious when you sleep (not rubbing your eyes all over the pillow and rolling around crazily)
  • They aren’t good for your actual eyelashes. If you are going to go for the eyelashes once, I would say definitely go for it wholeheartedly. Try it out and reap the rewards. However, I certainly wouldn’t recommend doing it regularly, which is easier said than done because once you see how much better your eyes/face look with the extensions, you may get addicted. I say this because I went through a phase before I came to university of having extensions on for quite a long period – about four months. Once the final extension fell out, I realised how depleted my already crappy eyelashes were. The extensions are attached to your actual eyelashes and when they drop off, they often pull a few eyelashes along with them. It took a good couple of months for my eyelashes to grow back to their normal state and I actually had a new-found respect for them once I realised they weren’t as bad as they could be!!
  • If you are a cash strapped student, the price is quite dear, however it is worth it if you look after them
  • If you are working in an environment like a restaurant or cafe then just make sure you check the state of your eyelashes before you go to work. Sometimes the lashes can get a little bit crazy and stick up in weird directions or even be hanging on their last legs ready to fall off. There is nothing worse than seeing a stray extension hanging in your peripheral vision while trying to talk seriously to a customer, or worse yet, an eyelash coming loose and falling into their coffee!