Begin A New Feature: “The Start To My Week”

I’ve decided to start a new feature now that I have come home for a few weeks and have organised things a bit better. This will happen every Monday without fail, and will be a summary of how I’m feeling on that day and what I’m looking forward to in the week.

Looking forward to this week: ‘Literary lunch’ with Mum tomorrow in London (no idea what to expect!), an afternoon with the Kitchen Coach on Thursday and seeing friends this weekend.

This has been Monday so far:

Still living at home means that when I return home from university, the-way-things-used-to-be hits me all at once. Because of this, I really appreciate a day, or even just an afternoon of solitude. Today was just one of those days, and I made the most of it by doing some uni work in peace and baking.


The day started off nicely with tea and this upmarket version of Nutella which I found in the back of the fridge. We don’t normally have such luxuries in the house, and I’m not sure how it found its way into our kitchen but I refuse to question it. Before the desire to eat straight out of the jar took hold, I slathered some over my crumpets and put the lid on sharpish.



This is a house full of posers and I definitely don’t fit in with his ‘strike a pose!’ mentality…show off.


Some great news is that tomorrow I am picking up my Peugeot from the mechanics. As I am away from home a lot of the time, and insurance and everything else costs so much, I don’t usually have the opportunity to drive. Thankfully, my lovely Dad agreed to insure the car for a few weeks while I’m home and this is great news. Living where I do, 15 minutes in the car from Brighton but a mammouth HOUR on the bus, which runs once an hour (there is no train station here) just means that having a car is invaluable


Putting off my university work for a little while, I ventured out into the garden – in between rain showers – and hung out with my pals outside




Before I got into the swing of things I made coffee…


Got into these bad boys, my delicious duvet slippers…


And started work, with a little check on Facebook first.


The rest of the afternoon I made the ferrero rocher stuffed cupcakes that Milk Bubble Tea came up with


While being watched over by this Chubster


Mmm a great end to a relaxed Monday – how has the start of your week been?