This image doesn’t correlate to what I’m writing about, I just thought it was a beautiful, and random. A couple of evenings ago, after another brilliant #lbloggers chat, I came across the wonderful paperbagblog and through her, the Wily Brunette. I spent nearly an hour reading through Meg’s (Wily Brunette) posts and fell in love with her simple but thought-provoking words. No letter goes to waste. Everything is signficant, poignant and it made me rethink things.

This blog was started because writing is about the only thing I’m good at. I’m terrible with numbers and facts. More importantly, whether I’m decent at writing or not isn’t the point. I love writing. As Gloria Steinem put it, “writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else”. And for a little while, I questioned whether this blog was pointless. I guess every now and then I waver in confidence; I feel that I put a lot into this blog but no-one is really reading it. It doesn’t matter, it’s not saving lives, but just for people to read and find some sort of resonance with it is what I care most about. I worry I haven’t enough photographs or an alluring layout or whatever it is that draws people in.

The Wily Brunette opened my eyes because she had impact with words alone. Beautiful, haunting, honest-to-God words that  sometimes fill the screen, but are never daunting. They tell a real story, sometimes in a deprecating way and I find myself disagreeing with the very letters themselves, but a way that grabbed hold of me and said ‘this is why you want to be a writer’. Words. Meaning. Stop worrying that you’re not a hugely popular beauty/lifestyle/fill-in-the-gap blogger. Keep on doing what you’re doing because you love it and because maybe at this very moment, or sometime in the future someone will take hold of your words with both hands and hold them close and thank God they’ve found symbols that match their exact feelings/hopes/dreams/ambitions. That you’ve hit that proverbial nail on the head, you have spoken the very words that someone’s fear will not allow for or opened their eyes to a dream they didn’t realise they could achieve.