Cook Up A Storm


I am getting very excited at the thought of using my Dad’s brilliant Canon Rebel Camera and actually using it properly. Before, I was being a real amateur and just making it up as I went along, but after reading a couple of excellent guides on the internet, I have learnt what ‘aperture’ means and am little by little learning how to make photos look really beautiful. These are my first tentative steps so far!

Today has been lovely. My Mum and I spent the afternoon with Justine, the Kitchen Coach, in our kitchen making simple but bloody delicious recipes and giving us tips on using our equipment properly and making the most of the ingredients we had in the cupboard. Justine trained as a Cordon Bleu chef and comes into your home for a few hours and helps get you excited about food once again, offering you the tips and tricks she picked up at the world-renowned Cordon Bleu cookery school without the shouting, screaming or immense stress. In no time at all, we had cooked up Thai Green Curry, Pork medallions with a deliciously creamy, mustard sauce, Thai fritters and the gooiest, naughtiest brownies you can imagine, oozing with white chocolate chunks and macadamia nuts.

It was a very enjoyable process and after spending so long at university making the same meals (usually not the healthiest), Justine inspired me to start using my imagination in the kitchen once again. My Mum and I had a wonderful time together with Justine and after a few hours of cooking we were left with so much food that we can eat for the rest of the week. Mum and I have recipes that she can keep and I can take with me to university. Tomorrow I am going to put up more photographs of the other meals we made because they were truly delicious, as well as the simple recipes and a few tricks we were taught!