Offer Pressie Inspiration: The Biscuiteers




The reason this post has taken a little while, since I’m sure you’re all aware that Mother’s Day was a couple of weeks ago now, is that I had some initial problems with the Biscuiteers. After ordering my Mum a box of bespoke little biscuits spelling out “I ♥ U MUM” with a personalised gift message wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day, sorry I couldn’t be there but you have the pleasuring of scoffing these, she never actually got them. What she received was a box of daisy biscuits with no personalised gift card.

Initially a bit miffed, I emailed the Biscuiteers and told them the problem. Lucky for me, the lady I emailed was charming and she apologised profusely and couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. This morning these biscuits arrived in the post. While it’s a bit annoying for companies to mess up, I would highly recommend the Biscuiteers as a great option for a gift nevertheless. So what, they made a mistake. They made up for it by resending a complimentary box of biscuits and being very efficient in responding to my email right away. Having once baked and hand-iced nearly 400 sports-themed biscuits myself – which along with juggling my two day jobs meant I was up through the night and sometimes into 6am the next morning – I know what goes into making biscuits look perfect and trust me it isn’t as simple as it looks.

If you are strapped for a cash and want to put a smile on a friend or family member’s face (I also ordered one for my friend’s 21st who I wasn’t going to see for a while) head to the Biscuiteers website. This box I ordered for Mother’s Day was around £12 (inc delivery) and it is a sensory delight, for the eyes and the mouth!