Talk About Love

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Love is something that happens when least expect, when you stop waiting, when you give up looking

It can make your life infinitely better but also, infinitely more complicated

You begin to depend on someone in a way that you never really thought you would

You change, you learn as much about who you are as who the other person is

You no longer need validation

All the things about yourself you hate, are exactly the things that made them fall for you

You have so much to lose

Your outlook on life alters

You learn the true meaning of compromise, of sharing, of understanding

There are no blood ties, you work because of friendship, because of chemistry

At times you feel as free as a bird

Others, a little caged and tied down

There is no feeling like it

You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

The biggest thing you learn is that it makes no sense – it just happens

If it goes, you will find it again. Of that I am certain.