Think: This Time Last Year…


This delicious cupcake and coffee below, are from Mount Street Deli, where Mum and I went when we were dress shopping in London. It is gorgeous in there

This blog post was inspired by the lovely Alice over at The Cup and Saucer and I loved the idea so much that I decided to give it a go.

One year ago this month I had only really just started my blog. I had given it a bash once before and had failed miserably, forcing myself to write lengthy posts which I just couldn’t maintain, resulting in feeling disheartened and giving up. However, once I got started on this new blog I felt optimistic. It has taken time, but slowly this blog has received more comments and so on, and that really is the best feeling in the world. Chatting with fellow bloggers on the Sunday night #lbloggers twitter chats was something I was totally unaware of last year (if it even existed!) so it feels like I’ve come a long way with this blog since then. I had  also told no-one about the blog a year ago, and now my parents, friends and even boyfriend know, which was a scary but ultimately brilliant thing.

A year ago this Easter, I was desperately trying to find work experience. I am a big worrier and I like to have my (near)future mapped out. A year ago, despite writing what felt like hundreds of letters and emails and asking every contact I possibly could for help, I got no-where with securing some form of work experience over the summer. While this meant I could earn money and save to do a couple of nice things right at the end of the holidays, it meant 8-10 weeks of being stuck at home in the countryside. While I love my family, this was a little much and I am so happy that this year I have managed to secure a PR internship for the entire summer.

This time last year, I wasn’t really enjoying university. As it was my first year, none of my modules were my choice and this meant writing essays about novels that I wouldn’t have chosen in a million years. This (2nd) year however has been far more interesting and while I am nervous about doing well in my exams as they actually count, I am also feeling better about things as I enjoy the majority of what I study.

This time last year, I wasn’t planning my 21st, which is something I am very excited about this year. Last year’s birthday was a flop to say the least. A total lack of planning meant that we just ended up in Central London on a Saturday which of  course, yes, meant horrendous prices and as everything seemed to be going wrong I got far too drunk and ended up falling down an escalator. It wasn’t one of my finest moments, let me tell you. This year however, I am really hoping my 21st goes to plan. I am going to make invitations, write up a proper guest list and cross every part of my body that people are actually around in July when I hope to hold the par-tay.

I also wasn’t helping to plan my Mum’s huge 50th birthday this time last year, as I am (a little), this year. On 1st June my Mum is having a massive birthday bash with all the works (and as she is an event planner, I know it will be amazing) and on Saturday we travelled up to London to find her the perfect dress for the occasion. After trying on a beautiful gown in Vivienne Westwood which she looked stunning in, but was £2000 (!!), we ended up in Selfridges and stumbled upon a bespoke designer called Emilia Wickstead who has been worn by Kate Middleton herself! It was the perfect summer dress for my Mum and I think she is going to look beautiful.

These are a couple of Emilia Wickstead designs

These are a couple of Emilia Wickstead designs

Finally, on a more philosophical note I guess, this time one year ago, I wasn’t one year away from true adulthood. Sure, I am constantly worrying about what I’m going to do when I leave university, but now more than ever I am quite scared. I am hoping everything will turn out OK, but I honestly never thought the day would come when there was no more ‘education’ to fill my life. Now it is real, grown up stuff, and I’m not sure I’m totally ready for it yet. I guess I’ve really got to make the most of this last year.