Talk About Loneliness



I decided to write a post about loneliness today, after watching lovely Lily Melrose’s Youtube video about the topic – which truth be told, almost made me cry because she looked so terribly sad in it.

I’m not sure if this was entirely the point, but it was certainly a comfort that someone who seemed to popular online – thousands of followers on her blog, twitter and so on, felt exactly the same as many of us: alone. I wrote about this in an old post, about the fact that more than ever we are supposed to be ‘connected’, networking on a daily basis with hundreds of people, writing nice comments on blog posts, tweeting one another, yet at the end of the day, with little human-to-human contact, we feel more lonely than ever before.

When we have these feelings of loneliness and isolation, it is very easy to see other people’s lives through rose-tinted glasses. When you feel crappy, do you shout it from the rooftops? No, you retreat into yourself, believing no-one else feels this way, everyone has it together and that there must be something wrong with you. Well, this is my point. When other people feel like s**t they aren’t going to tell everyone about it; but it doesn’t mean they’re not feeling the same. And that is why talking about it, and making videos about it as Lily Melrose did is so important.

My advice? Sometimes, being online all the time isn’t healthy. I know we’re constantly being told to use twitter, facebook and every other form of social media especially if you want to get into PR/Journalism, as I do, but we must know when to step back. Sometimes, I feel drained after being online. On websites like Facebook, everybody seems to be having a great time, putting up photographs of holidays/parties/recently purchased items and on Twitter and Instagram, a similar bragging-fest (albeit unintentionally sometimes) goes on. Arrange to meet up with a friend, or turn off the computer, go and bake something delicious and settle down with a great magazine or book. I know this isn’t practical every day, but when you feel like it’s all getting too much, don’t worry. Try and talk to someone, your Mum or a close friend – explain you’re feeling a little down. Sometimes we feel like those closest to us don’t care because they don’t notice how awful we’re feeling – but you’ve got to remember, you’re probably hiding your feelings quite well. Tell them, a few kind words from someone you care about can make the world of difference, and a big bear hug is even better. You’re not alone, I promise x


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