Attend The Blogger Bakesale

On Saturday 6th April I got up bright and early to meet my lovely friend Dani in London town to attend Rosie (The Londoner’s) blogger bake sale. Lucky for us, the sun was shining and it was relatively warm: the perfect setting for an afternoon of cocktails and delicious homemade cakes for a good cause. We caught the tube to South Kensington at midday and decided we should have a  bite to eat before heading to Bumpkin where the bake sale was held, and made the error of going to Byron for a burger. I say error, because the food was so bloody delicious I was stuffed to the point of only being able to waddle post-fest.

As a small side-note, I had never eaten in Byron before – for some reason Gourmet Burger Kitchen is where my friends and I usually head – but my God I personally think it blows GBK out of the water. My burger with blue cheese was absolutely delicious and it came with a hearty side of french fries. I am going to write a review of Byron vs GBK because I now realise that GBK is inferior and too expensive!


Halfway through our lunch, my friend Saskia messaged us saying that she had just arrived back in London from holiday and wanted to join us which was great news! She arrived off the tube just after we had gorged ourselves on burgers, and the three of us made our way to Bumpkin at 3pm. On arrival, the upstairs room was packed. Even though the bake sale was meant to have only just started, it was already in full swing with long tables laden with the most exquisite cakes you can imagine. People had gone to real effort, and there were champagne buckets dotted around the room for people to make whatever donation they wished.


Dani & Saskia enjoying their English Garden cocktails

We treated ourselves to the refreshing English Garden cocktail and after donating, enjoyed a few different treats. The atmosphere was lovely and everybody was smiley and enjoying themselves. Rosie was a great hostess, taking photographs with people and answering any questions people had. It’s a shame we couldn’t stay longer and properly chat to her – that’s something I regret!




Just before the three of us had to go our separate ways, Dani, Saskia and I decided we were going to go to the Kensington Roof Gardens and treat ourselves to one cocktail each. We are broke students who seem to think we are millionaires, but hey the sun was shining and we were feeling a little giddy! The Roof Gardens didn’t open until 9pm, so we took the elevator to the floor above, the Babylon bar, and each ordered a totally different drink. Of course, they were absolutely scrummy and the views from the top of the building across Kensington in the sunshine, is a hard sight to beat.

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!



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