Add Volume & Texture to Short, Thin Hair!


It is true, I have found the answer to that eternal question: How do I add that beachy wave to my thin, short hair cut? Well, L’Oreal’s Play Ball Beach Fizz is the answer. I have written before about the trouble with trying to add volume to my often-lifeless hair and the peril of the ANOTHER L’Oreal product here. Their Matt & Messy spray did nothing for me, but this baby has worked wonders so far!

At just under £10, this product is perfect to use just after you’ve been in the shower, on towel-dried hair, or to add life to one or two-day old hair. I have been using it after towel-drying my hair, spritzing a generous amount through my hair, making sure to pick up sections and get a good spritz into each layer. If I do this when my hair is drying, it adds a bit of a beachy wave and leaves it looking slightly fuller than it usually does.

Now, I’m not saying this is going to last for hours or add significant beach sexiness to your hair. I think you may need to mix up this product with a few others for a truly lasting and wavy do however I think this is a great base and the perfect pick-me-up when you haven’t got much time. It also smells yummy, like a salon (which I personally love) and doesn’t leave your hair crispy as Matt & Messy does. All in all, a great product from L’Oreal which has helped inject a bit of life into my shoulder length, thin hair.


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