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This is a fun restaurant comparison as I love eating out and as people often ask where I would recommend going to for a tasty burger I thought I’d compare Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Byron and see which one comes out on top.

I had my first taste of Gourmet Burger Kitchen when I lived in London and the first one opened up in Battersea in 2001. I was young and I remember every burger being big and delicious. Since then, I visited sporadically and started going again once I went to university in York where there is a branch of GBK. Now until I visited Byron in South Ken last weekend, I hadn’t quite realised what I was missing. And it turns out, a lot. 

So, here’s the comparison:



Burger size

A good size if you aren’t a pig like myself, if you are of the pig variety, I think for the price, the size could be more generous Larger burger than GBK, the buns and the burger itself are bigger and very filling

The nitty gritty(for a simple hamburger)

The meat is usually pretty good, however sometimes a little overdone and the buns are often dry

The buns are a strange mix of sweet and soft which is the most delicious partner to the always-cooked-medium meat. Lots of very crisp lettuce was an added bonus

Variety Good variety, however I’m sorry to say it’s just a bit average. I’ve had the Avocado & Bacon here before and again, there wasn’t very much of either in sight

Both have a very good variety and honestly, I haven’t tried all the options for both restaurants, however I have had a cheese burger in both and the blue cheese burger in Byron was my favourite. The blue cheese was sublime


If you like French fries like myself, then make sure you don’t go for the ‘skinny fries’ because they are basically fried twigs. If they happen to have the special on, go for the Sweet Potato Fries

Roughly the same price for a side of fries as GBK, however the French fries here are fantastic and are offered as a hearty portion – no scrimping here!





To be honest, I wouldn’t have such a problem with GBK if it wasn’t so pricey! For what you get, the price can be painful

Byron isn’t all that much cheaper than GBK, but the difference in quantity, and personally, quality makes it worth every penny

Extra You have to pay £1.25 for garlic mayo which I personally think is daylight robbery, however you do get limitless monkey nuts!

All in all, I think my favourite is Byron – both for the value and what you get, it is the firm winner.

I do love a good burger

I do love a good burger


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