Reveal: What I’ve Been Buying Lately (at H&M)



Day dress – 12.99 | Black skinny jeans – 29.99

I haven’t been shopping in a very long time…honestly it is quite impressive how long it’s been! My student loan came in a couple of days ago and although I decided to go shopping I have tried to keep the spending relatively reigned in! H&M’s catalogue was full of gorgeous items so I decided to stop in…

The first item is actually for a party on Saturday which is ‘Jungle’ themed and I’m not sure if I’m going as giraffe or leopard yet – what do you think that print looks more like? I thought that the day dress was cute for both the party and the summer and isn’t usually what I’d go for, so being forced to purchase something for a party has its advantages! The jeans are skinny, (very) low waisted jeans but are a little bit different as they have studs that run along the sides of the legs and around the bum. I am in dire need of new jeans since I have recently developed holes in the crotches of mine  and have had them patched up slightly bizarrely which isn’t the best look, if I’m honest.

The denim shirt is actually something I’ve hankered after for years but never got round to buying. I think there is something timeless about a casual, baggy denim shirt that can go over jeans and a t-shirt or a pretty day dress. I love that look.


Denim shirt – £19.99

Clemence Poesy

Clemence Poesy


Sheer blouse – £14.99

Finally, this gorgeous shirt looks great under a jumper or for a smarter look, tucked into a pair of cigarette trousers or pencil skirt. I’ve seen people tie pretty ribbons around the collar or throw a waistcoat over the top. There’s many different ways this shirt can be styled, apparently!

What have you been buying recently? Go and check out H&M if you haven’t got lots of cash but are in need of a wardrobe spruce-up!


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