Decide: Wax/Shave/Laser It All Off?


What originally sparked the idea for this blog post was my housemate insisting that I get a wax as soon as possible. She was amazed that never before had I subjected my skin to the brutality (in my opinion) of the hot wax and the agony as it is ripped off in one fell swoop by a lady in rubber gloves. Okay so that is slightly dramatic and I feel it is an opinion shared by those of us who haven’t tried it yet. Fear of the unknown and all that. She assured me that after my first time, which would inevitably be slightly painful, it would get easier and easier and the hairs would grow back sparser and finer. What every girl dreams of, no?

So I was mulling this over in my mind: no more horrible shaving rash, no more prickliness that is very off-putting and eventually fine hairs that are very easy to manage. This all sounded very tempting indeed. And then, what really sealed the deal in my mind, was Becky from Milkbubbletea’s post about her shaving horror story (I hope she doesn’t mind me calling it that!) Have a read of that here. The long and short of it is that an ingrown hair, caused by shaving under her arms, resulted in Becky having to have major surgery due to infection and meant that she had to have daily visits from a nurse to come and change her dressing. The wound was 6cm deep and is now in the process of healing.

After collating all of this information, I began to look into all the different options of removing hair and thought I’d do a comparison between shaving, waxing and perhaps the most radical: laser hair removal.


Pros: It is very accessible – can be done anytime, anywhere – affordable and doesn’t usually hurt (if you’re careful)

Cons: It is very temporary. Even after years of shaving the hairs haven’t really become any finer and by the next day I can certainly feel some hairs coming through. It is easy to get a shaving rash or ingrown hairs. Apparently this occurs because the razor causes such a sharp tip to the hair, that it can cause it to grow back towards the skin. Finally, shaving can cause pain if you nick yourself with the razor, and to be honest, sometimes after having shaved it can get pretty itchy!


Pros: It is still a pretty quick process. If you are waxed by a professional, they can get rid of those pesky hairs in no time at all. On top of this, they will do a better job than you can do with a razor (if we’re talking about shaving ‘down there’!) As unappealing as it sounds, they can see exactly what is going on and so can do a far better job of getting rid of hair than you can bent double over the bath tub! Although it won’t happen overnight, if you start to get into a routine of waxing, the hairs will become much finer and begin to grow back far more sparsely. As well as this, my housemate assures me that the pain gets less and less the more times you go!

Cons: You have to be hairy before you can get smooth! For the wax to stick to the hairs, it needs to be around 3-4 weeks worth of hair growth. In the beginning, results only last 2 or so weeks before the hair grows back and for some, the cost of a wax may not be worth that. If you do want to wax at home, the process may well be very messy and take a bit of time to get the desired result!

Laser Hair Removal

In the past, I was always slightly scared of laser hair removal. It sounded so ominous to me, however a couple of girls from school were given laser hair removal sessions as presents (strange gift, I know) and only had great things to say about it. These girls did have very dark hair on their arms and legs and on their top lip, and they hated it. I think in cases like these, when your confidence is knocked because of your hair, then I think doing something more permanent isn’t a bad thing.

Pros: Although it takes a few sessions, the speed at which hair is removed and the fact that it offers very long-lasting hair removal is the biggest pro. It is good at removing hair from large areas such as backs or legs. For my friends who had been plagued by thick, dark hair on their arms and legs for years, this procedure gave them a new lease of life!

Cons: Some regrowth can be expected, this is not a permanent hair-removal solution for most people. At the moment, most laser hair removal clinics only remove dark hair, not blonde, white or grey hair. Several treatments are needed (usually 6-8) to remove hair from the desired area. Obviously this is the priciest of all the options and isn’t for the cash-strapped!

If dark hair on any part of your body is causing you to feel miserable, definitely do your research and find a laser hair removal clinic such as the sk:n clinics. There is one in Brighton and this is where my friends went; they couldn’t rate the process or the staff highly enough.

Fortunately, although I have dark hair, the hair on the rest of my body isn’t so dark that it causes me any issues, however I am seriously considering ditching the shaving and starting to get waxes. Although it is slightly more expensive, I just don’t see any other reason why not?

What are your experiences with waxing or laser hair removal? I’d love to know!


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