Enjoy The Sunshine


I believe that the perfect antidote to most worries in life is sunshine. There’s nothing like the warm rays on your face and enjoying a cold drink with a friend. Not only does everybody feel better, but everybody looks better too. I don’t know what it is, but the sunshine brings out people’s features and is flattering to everyone. So there’s no better way to spend an early evening than laying on a stretch of lawn watching a fashion show-come-festival, which is exactly what we did yesterday. My housemate Saskia, event planner extraordinaire, helped organise ‘Fashionfest’, which was an event that included a fashion show as well as marquees selling delicious Caribbean food and vintage clothing. My friends and I indulged in a jerk chicken wrap, which I am going to have to attempt to recreate at home, and settled ourselves with a cider in front of the runway.

The runway wound round a lake and the models emerged from behind these huge clipped hedges that are situated in a beautiful part of our university. If you’ve ever seen York Uni, you will know it isn’t pleasing to the eye thanks to the awful 60s buildings that were in vogue back when the uni first opened, but there is one beautiful building called Heslington Hall and the surrounding ‘Quiet Place’ that looks like it could feature in a period drama. It was a wonderful evening had by all. Not only were the models amazing, despite the nippy British weather, but a band also played the most chilled out summer music you could imagine – trombone included. I recommend everyone try to enjoy as many outdoor events as you can this summer! It seems so rare these days, but when the sun shines in Britain it is a hard place to beat and there’s no better way to enjoy it than outside with friends, relaxed and having fun whether ‘just ’cause’ or for a specific event!

Heslington Hall and the clipped hedges

Heslington Hall and the clipped hedges


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