Marvel At The Stars


As I was walking through York late last night I was thinking about writing this blog post because the night previously I had looked out of my bedroom window to see a very bright star glowing in the sky, surrounded by a dusting of other twinkling stars. This may not be the case if you live in a busy, polluted city, but where I live at home and where I am at university, we seem to be lucky with the amount of stars we can see in the sky. The point of this post, then, was really to urge everybody to take a moment in the evening and just marvel at the night sky. The beauty of doing this, is that you realise how totally insignificant you are. It’s quite scary actually, because you look up and are faced with planets, stars – which no longer exist – and a universe that has been there for ever and ever and will still be there long after we’re gone. If you try and get your head around this, it’s really quite difficult. As I was laying in bed the other evening, that is precisely what I was trying to do.

I was watching a documentary a couple of months ago on C4 about the meteor that recently hit Russia, and at the end of the programme the narrator rather scarily said: “The Earth is like a car travelling through the universe without any insurance” – highlighting the fact that at ANY moment we could be wiped out by a meteor that the Earth would be no match for. While such things are terrifying to imagine, I think that looking at the sky is good for the soul because it really does bring you back down to Earth. Of course I am not trying to make anybody’s problems seem less significant than they are, but when you realise that there are bigger things out there and things far more powerful than ourselves, it does – or it did for me – make me stop worrying about silly things for a moment. We race through life, forever looking forwards and perhaps sometimes looking back a little too frequently and pointlessly, but how often do we look up?

Marvelling at the sky made me very nostalgic for travelling and seeing the world. When you look at the sky, you realise how truly beautiful the world around us is and I had a yearning for seeing the sky from a different part of it. It reminded me of when I was in Northern Thailand and Lily and I had just trekked for hours and hours, finally making it to this hillside village in the middle of nowhere. Our guide, Bond, played cards with us and fed us this god-awful alcoholic drink and we lay there together and looked up at the stars. I suppose with the emphasis on astrology and fate and everything being ‘mapped in the stars’ there is a certain romance to looking up and seeing sparkles in the sky. I hope that one day I have a bedroom with a skylight above, so that I can lay there and fall asleep trying to find the constellations.


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