Covet My First Red Lipstick

lipsThe exciting news of the day – oh wow, isn’t my life a barrel of laughs! – is that I have finally found a red lipstick I can work with. Before, I had dark pinks and almost-reds (never actually a fully blown, sassy siren (what?) red) but now I finally the proud owner of the much hyped Mac Lady Danger. I think it was in one of Lisa Eldridge’s videos on red lipsticks that she mentioned lipsticks with orange bases/undertones (not sure of the correct definition) work better on those with darker hair and an olive complexion. Now when I say ‘olive’, I am by no means some deliciously bronzed beach babe, but I do think my complexion leans towards that – I am certainly not fair – and I never understood why when I tried certain lipsticks on in the store they looked so garish and wrong. I think it was because I was choosing ‘blue based’ reds which, for me anyway, just don’t work. Mac Lady Danger is an orange-based red and so I knew that was one that I had to try. I hate having the ladies at the beauty counters help me with make up – unless it’s foundation, I just quite like doing it by myself and I don’t want to be fussed over, so probably rather unwisely I just grabbed Mac Lady Danger, paid the rather eye-watering £14 and off I went. Well, what can I say. For this little baby the hype, my friends, is worth it. At least it is for me, who honestly spent so much time testing different lipsticks and never feeling comfortable. Red is bold, a statement, very ‘look-at-me’ and I think you have to be totally comfortable with how it looks before you can step outside the front door. Lady Danger does that for me!


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