Monday Musings


Courtesy of Pinterest

1. This weather is absolutely beautiful, although not conducive to productive revising

2. I need to cut back seriously on packaged, processed foods – mainly crisps. I am even considering cutting way back on the sugar I eat, after reading a lengthy article in Elle and this article in the New York Times

3. My friend’s birthday brunch was delicious today – although Cafe Rouge served us Eggs Benedict with eggs that were hard-boiled and that was a big let down. I am very excited to eat curry tonight. The diet starts tomorrow

4. Drinking a LOT of water when you get in from a night out, taking all your make up off properly and giving your teeth a good brush really is the way to make you feel tip-top in the morning. Usually far too inebriated for any of these things to happen

5. Reconnecting with old friends that you haven’t seen or properly spoken to in 3/4 years is one of the best, feel-good things to do

Favourite new blog find of the week: Caroline Hirons’s blog. Such a clever lady who absolutely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to skincare


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