Try A New, Magical Ingredient

dinnerUntil last week, I had rather ignorantly never heard of Harissa paste, a mixture of peppers, dried red chillies, garlic, caraway seeds, ground cumin and coriander, tomato purée, salt and olive oil and even some crushed rose petals. I found a simple recipe on the Tesco website, which is a great way of wisely food shopping – check out recipes you fancy making in the week and then you click on “shop ingredients”. Simples.

Anyway, after a lengthy session in the gym – if you count lengthy as 40 minutes, as I do – I decided I wanted a very nutritious dinner and remembered the recipe I had found on Tesco. Using butternut squash, peppers and red onions as well as couscous and greek yoghurt mixed with mint, this is a hearty but guilt-free dish that smells and tastes of Morocco. Adding some garlic and olive oil made this even better – you can tweak the recipe however you wish. I love the taste of Harissa: abundant in herbs and spices, it adds genuine fresh North African flavour and vibrant colour to any dish.

I’m sorry the photo doesn’t do it justice, but please trust me when I say that you should try this dish out!


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