Brighten Up Your Day Now!


Follow your own advice. If a friend was feeling a little blue or having an off day, what would you say to him/her? How would you cheer them up? Now turn this around on yourself and give yourself a little pep talk

Spend an afternoon thinking about your future and planning your life. It’s fun and cathartic to spend time dreaming and thinking of ways to make these dreams come true

Take the pressure off. If you have endless deadlines, bills to pay or just a busy time at work, make sure you give yourself a little time off. Even if it’s just during your lunch break, make something unusual for lunch and get some fresh air. Or, if it’s a crappy day as it often is in England, spend half an hour doing something you really enjoy, whether that’s reading some of your book or browsing your favourite blogs

Put your energy into a friend. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves and our issues that we forget that often the best way to improve our mood is to help someone else and brighten up their day. It’s therapeutic to put a smile on someone’s face and helps put our problems in perspective

Reconnect with old friends. The other day I made a real effort to reach out to a girlfriend that I hadn’t spoken to properly in about three or four years. We used to be very close in high school but drifted apart during sixth form. She is a lovely girl and after sending some direct messages on Twitter (not the best way to communicate when you want to write reams of conversation FYI) we have organised having lunch at the end of June. Connecting with people who knew us the way we used to be is a wonderful feeling

Buy yourself some flowers. There aren’t many greater things to come home to than a beautiful bunch of colourful flowers standing in a pretty vase

Eat healthily. It goes without saying that putting healthy things into your body means you feel better on the outside. Not only biologically of course, but also mentally. If I start my day eating well, I don’t want to eat badly later on and almost feel like giving myself a pat on the back for sticking to something that is benefitting my mind and body

Send someone who is important to you an out-of-the-blue text. We don’t remind our loved ones often enough, at least I don’t, just how special they are to us and the gratitude they will feel when they receive such a lovely message will be sent back in your direction

Learn something new (or learn about something ). Recently at university we have been learning about the realities of tourism and the ways in which countries such as Jamaica need tourism for their economy to survive but the only reason they need that to survive in the first place is because of the hundreds of years of slavery that we inflicted upon them during the British Empire. We learnt how today as tourists we turn up – pasty, white and eager to grab a couple of weeks of sunshine – totally unaware that places like Jamaica don’t have proper sanitation and probably not caring as we marvel at the colonial buildings that have been deliberately preserved because we like the look of them, the very buildings that our ancestors constructed during the time of slavery. An inconvenient and uncomfortable truth. Anyway, even though it was uncomfortable to learn about this, becoming more aware and more informed is always a positive thing

Watch a film/tv show that you know makes you belly laugh

There you have it, just a few ways I try to improve my mood if I’m feeling a little blue!

I’d love to know, how do you make yourself feel contented?


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