Monday Musings

Under the blossom tree

Under the blossom tree

1. Having Mumps well and truly sucks. My face has ballooned to such an extent that I now resemble somebody who has been in a real life ‘fatbooth’. Even if you have been vaccinated against Mumps, it doesn’t stop you getting it, it just means that the side effects aren’t as bad when you do

2. I’ve felt far from invincible these last couple of days — usually I feel like nothing could get me down, but when you get ill unexpectedly it makes you appreciate your health all the more. It also makes you appreciate how wonderful sleep is when you haven’t got a swollen and tender head that you need to keep propped upright all night long

3. I went for a job interview last week and had to do a maths test. I haven’t felt that nervous in a long time. The lovely boss said to me “We give people 15 minutes for this, but most people don’t need that long at all”. I needed 14 minutes.

4. Doing all the required work for seminars and participating in class really does make me feel good and (vaguely) intellectual!

5. Once these Mumps go I must definitely get down to the gym and release some endorphins. I always forget how good the gym makes me feel when I’ve been away from it for a while

Favourite new blog of the week: This isn’t really a ‘new’ favourite per se, as I’ve been reading it for a while, but lately I’ve been loving Mediamarmalade by Melissa and particularly this post about her gorgeous indoor picnic


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