Try, Test & Adore YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat


I have found the perfect foundation. This is no exaggeration, no quick off-the-cuff statement, this is just a profession of love for a lightweight foundation that has answered all my dry skin prayers.

I have read many reviews about the YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation, and there was a lot of hype surrounding its release last year. The main thrust of the reviews was that it wasn’t great for oily skin, it didn’t last all that long and it had very buildable coverage. What I didn’t cotton onto for a long time, was just how perfect it is for very dry skin such as mine. After asking the twittersphere what their best foundation recommendation was for dry skin, a couple of people suggested I try the latest YSL creation and so I made my way to the nearest department store and picked up a small sample pot to test out for a couple of weeks.

The lovely lady at the YSL counter told me that this foundation is perfect for dry skin because it doesn’t contain any powder, instead it has a soft focus gel. I didn’t use a brush to apply the foundation, because I’ve read many times before that it blends better onto the skin if you use your fingertips and I agree with that. I start with a small amount and build up if I need to. This is a lightweight foundation but by no means is it limited to just a light coverage. If you want to build it up you can and it leaves a beautifully flawless finish to the face and a brighter, glowing complexion.

For my dry skin, this works wonders because it doesn’t cling to any dry patches I have and actually leaves me looking dewy. For the first time in a long time, I went to the counter to get my colour matched and it makes the world of difference doing that instead of just trying to match my skin tone with one of five options of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (YSL offers 22 shades).

I’ve heard great things about cheaper foundations such as Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum for dry skin, but frankly I was tired of continually trying and testing foundations that were meant to work wonders but ended up being cakey and after doing that a few times you end up spending a pretty penny anyway! So for £28 – and it comes with a pump (!!) – and after trying it out to make certain it is the one for me, I have invested in this wonderful foundation. I have received countless compliments and I am so happy that I’ve finally found something that can work well with my skin!


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