Monday Musings // Getting Back Into The Groove

Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

1. The last week has basically been a write off. I have been in bed with horrible, horrible Mumps and then just when I thought I was getting better, at the weekend I got the ‘complication’ you can sometimes get towards the end of Mumps which is Viral Meningitis. Nothing to panic about too much…it’s not like the usual Meningitis you hear of that can lead to horrible consequences such as losing a limb, but basically it does mean crippling migraines for two days. Anyway, I feel 100x better today and I hope I am seeing the back of Mumps! This also means I can get back into the swing of blogging. I HATE that I only managed to blog twice last week, I feel out of the loop and like I’m letting myself and anyone who is kind enough to read my blog down! Now I feel better I can start up my frequent posting again

2. I am very excited to receive my Celia Birtwell dress that I managed to order from eBay last week (I’m not sure illness ever prevented a girl from doing what’s important in life!)


The gorgeous Celia Birtwell dress I’ve ordered

3. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed today as I have to complete a long list of errands such as ringing British Gas, o2, the doctors – this is what it’s like when you are in charge of the student house!

4. I can’t wait for all these exams to be over. I’m feeling very unprepared, which isn’t like me, thanks to being unable to properly revise the past week!

5. I haven’t worn make up in the last 10 days, and my skin is definitely thankful for it. It looks brighter with less blemishes/red patches

Favourite blog of the week: I have been going through lots of old videos and posts by Vivianna Does Makeup. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she also knows what she’s talking about and does so in such an engaging way that I have been hooked this past week!


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