Start The Day The Right Way



This is a bit of a random post, but while I am stuck in the library that currently feels like my hellish office job as I am here every single day 9-8 (a little later than the usual office job) I have begun to hallucinate about different foods/places to travel to/things I wish I could buy. Today a guy was snoozing on one of the big bean bags in the library for a good while. He then got up, walked a few paces and promptly fell forwards, flat on his face. People thankfully got up to help him and he eventually came to, but I think that just proves how delirious we all are! Poor guy, I hope he’s okay.

Anyway, to sweeten the taste of this horrid place, I have been getting a croissant each morning to have with my flask of tea and it has kept me sane. I think that if you ever have to face a long day/big meeting/tricky client I think you should most definitely head to the nearest bakery/patisserie if you are lucky enough to live/work near one and pick up the flakiest, naughtiest looking pastry that you can. Mine was buttery and warm with toasted hazelnuts on top and my god every mouthful was heavenly. It immediately brightened up my day and made me more focussed for the rest of it.

It can be simple, or it can be over-the-top indulgent, but I certainly think that when you’re just not sure you can face the day, a pastry is exactly what you need.


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