Have Mumps


From this….to this…

What with being stuck in the library all day every day, inspiration for blog posts is difficult. So I thought why not show the world a terrible photo of myself with Mumps? It may brighten someone’s day, give them a laugh or comfort them in the knowledge that a) mumps isn’t the end of the world (for me, anyway!) and b) if you ever get it, this will only be a temporary look! I am now almost back to normal, save for my salivary glands which are still ever-so-slightly protruding but I feel 100x better, although I do still have some numbness on my cheeks which I’m hoping won’t last forever.

After doing some research, I found out that only 30% of people with mumps actually get swelling, and if you google mumps there doesn’t seem to be any photos of people with swelling anywhere near as bad as mine!! Oh well, it gave my housemates a good laugh and despite some initial pain eating for the first few days it wasn’t too awful. I learnt to appreciate my normal face a whole lot more when it returned! If you do ever get struck down with mumps, just make sure you rest a LOT – you’ll probably be pretty knackered and want to do this anyway. It doesn’t do you any favours trying to get back into things quickly – even revising – as I tried to do, because I had a slight setback a few days ago where the glands swelled up again. You just rest lots, take ibuprofen and drink lots of water. Eating many tubs of ice cream also helps immensely.


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