Lust: Internship Wishlist

c600x778In one month I am going to start my summer long internship and I am a bag of both nerves and excitement!! I don’t know about you, but whenever I am going to start something new – be it a job/work experience or when I was about to start back at school when September came around, I loved thinking of ways to reinvent myself and buy gorgeous new clothes or stationary. Above are the goodies that I would absolutely love to get in time for my summer internship – if money were no option of course!

1. These black peg trousers from Asos are very smart but a little more fun than the usual pair of straight leg trouser or suit trousers. The other afternoon I was walking home from university and saw a girl looking gorgeous and smart in a pair of black trousers that were tight-ish at her ankles but slightly loose everywhere else. I have no idea what style you would call them and I WISH I had just asked her where they were from, because I have scoured the internet to try to find look-a-likes and this was the best I could find!

2. This Fluro Boucle Jacket is now out of stock on the Asos website but I am still pining after it/searching on eBay for it after seeing it on Ruth’s (A Model Recommends) website

3. A simple, soft striped classic that adds a touch of chic to any work get up!

4. I wish I was a heels-type-a-gal but unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I’m just not. I can last a very short amount of time and frankly, I just much prefer the comfort of a pair of ballet pumps. This rather luxurious suede pair by Repetto are a steal (not) at £195 (!) but ooo they just look so comfy, if I could I would! I think that a pair of flats, either these or actually I’m thinking faux snake-skin, would look gorgeous paired with the black peg trousers from Asos

5. Does this need any words? The colour of the Small Del Ray by Mulberry is what instantly attracted me to it, and I love this shape/style of handbag

There we have it! My dream, if money-were-no-object wish list! Do you have any items that you would purchase for your dream job/internship? Any styles or shops I should look at when I do pick up a couple of pieces for my smart-but-fashionable look?