My Week In Photos

This week hasn’t been the most exciting, so please forgive the lack of gripping photographs! It’s a time of exams, essays and presentations and not only does the equal boring times, it also equals a draining of my brain capacity so that thinking up original and exciting blog posts is difficult! Tomorrow I am hopping on a train back to home (Brighton) for my Mum’s huge birthday bash and I am very excited and will take lots of photographs.

My%20Week1. Bowling with the boyfriend (I won, of course) 2. A cute little shot glass of smarties after dinner at All Bar One 3. A delicious falafel sandwich 4. The gorgeous bunch of flowers my Mum sent me to say Get Well Soon while I had the Mumps! 5. Watching 101 Dalmatians 6. The adorable bunnies in Pets At Home 7. Passionfruit cheesecake at Wagamama’s 8. Pulling faces at my friend ‘s 21st birthday meal 9. Cocktails before there was a torrential downpour