Monday Musings (Late!)


A few of us in the bonkers photobooth at my Mum’s party. I’m in the pink wig!

Apologies for my late Monday Musings post (and I completely failed last week and totally forgot because I was bogged down with revision stress!) – but I hope you can forgive me and enjoy the amusing photograph above taken at my Mum’s birthday party this weekend.

1. I had a wonderful time at my Mum’s huge birthday extravaganza this weekend back in Sussex. There was amazing food, an ice cream van, drag queens, fireworks, a brilliant band and the marquee was just beautiful. The boyfriend and Saskia my partner in crime came back home with me and they loved it

2. A bit of a ‘birthday’ heavy post here, it was so lovely seeing family friends that I haven’t seen in years! A party is not only an excuse to go mad with decoration and ideas, but also a great way of seeing all the people you just don’t get to meet up with often

3. I made a speech, which I was very nervous about, but even better than that, my sister made a completely impromptu speech and it was brilliant. She said some lovely things and when it came to talking about yours truly, she nearly welled up and my eyes filled with tears! Ah, soppy!

4. I am more than a little stressed trying to think of present ideas for said sister. She is 18 this weekend and I have no idea what to get her! Due to less than ideal funds and the fact that my sister is a bit of a tomboy, I am having real difficulty so do let me know if you have any thoughts

5. I am so pleased exams are over and I just want to make sure this blog is back on track and filled with new & original posts frequently! Wish me luck!

Favourite new blog find of the week is actually one I found through Rosie at Cider with Rosie, Marshalls Abroad. Just stunning photography and a lifestyle that I drool over. Check it out!