Discover Jo Loves

As you know from this post, I love Jo Malone fragrances. Thanks to my Mum, who started visiting the original Jo Malone shop years ago, when it was just the actual Jo Malone in charge of the company and running a successful business, I only really wear her perfumes now. So, when I was approached by the lovely Lucy at Jo Loves to test run a few samples of the collection I was a little unsure. Would they be anything compared to my Jo Malone perfumes that I have put on a pedestal?

A little bit of the Jo Loves story: In 1999, Jo sold her beauty business to Estée Lauder Companies and remained Creative Director until her departure in 2006. Five years later in 2011, Jo started to design scents once again and in November 2011 she launched her new global brand JO LOVES… According to the website “JO LOVES captures the things in Jo’s life that inspire her, from ingredients and people to moments in time nestled within bold red packaging; the heartbeat of the brand”



So, back to the samples – I was sent eight to try out. In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of sweet scents and so fragrances such as Mango Nectar and Orange Tulle just weren’t for me. In my opinion, those would be better as room sprays. I prefer rather more grown up scents, almost more like a ‘cologne’ if you understand what I mean. My favourite samples were Pomelo and Pink Vetiver, which some people may find a little too classic, earthy or masculine.

Pomelo’s description: “Pomelo is clean and crisp; it’s my best friend made up of memories and moments. It’s that feeling of fresh linen sheets or a glass of bubbling fizzy water with a slice of lime and lots of crushed ice”

And my favourite, Pink Vetiver: “To me, it’s the smell of my Father and his crisp white shirts, it’s the spice markets in Grasse, it reminds me of a great friend in New York; stylish and chic, and it’s a hotel tucked away in Florence where the scent lingers gently in the night air. Like a piece of music, a poem or a great work of art, I’ve always regarded Vetiver as a fragrance that confidently stands alone” I couldn’t have put it better myself. This is a very mature scent, but it immediately conjures memories of people and places that I didn’t even realise I had stored in my mind! With top notes of pink crushed peppercorns, juniper berries and cardamom and the base of Amber and Vetiver, which has fixative properties meaning that it lasts for a long time and still keeps its original fragrances, this perfume is addictive and delicious.


Jo%20Loves3The bottles of Jo Loves perfume are very classic and bold with a modern feminine touch. Simple, but sophisticated and I like the way that this 30ml design is different to the Jo Malone 30ml bottles. I am in love with my new fragrance and have to stop myself from spritzing it on all the time! If you’re not much of a ‘sweet’ perfume person, as I’m not (I hate pretty much every single perfume that you can find it department stores because, I don’t know if it’s just me, but most are too sweet?!) then you will love Pink Vetiver or Pomelo. If you’re really unsure, you can book an appointment at the showroom and new Jo Loves locations are coming soon. Check it all out here. They make a great gift for someone you love as the deep red box is very romantic and the 30ml bottle is £45.00.