Have Cake For Breakfast

Sometimes, it’s just one of those days. One of those days when you haven’t got a lot on, the day is stretching ahead of you and the weather is just about okay-ish. Yesterday was one of those days and after umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether I should bake, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t, simply because I didn’t want to make a mess and wanted the instant gratification of something delicious and sweet. I know, I know – cakes from the supermarket do NOT beat the freshness of a homemade beauty, however a cake from Waitrose comes pretty damn close.


This is their Passionfruit cake and it currently has a 1/3 off so it’s £2-something – dirt cheap for a cake which is actually surprising moist and not too ‘shop-like’. No dry sponge here ladies and gentleman. Anyway, the reason I came across this cake is because there’s a Waitrose not too far from my house and I don’t go very often, but yesterday decided that I was going to go and do a mini shop and buy some luxurious items from a shop that, frankly, is worth a visit just to stand in it’s so nice. I stocked up on a white baguette, lots of cheese, falafel, sweetcorn fritters, mackerel pate and other yummy things like fresh strawberries and sun-dried tomatoes. I came home feeling very comforted and well stocked. Sometimes it’s quite nice to potter about the supermarket by yourself and dream of all the yummy things you could make or put together for a dinner party, a picnic or as I did, a feast for one.

As I hadn’t eaten any breakfast when I went to Waitrose (very bad to go shopping when hungry, I know!) I decided to treat myself to a huge slab of Passionfruit cake and a mug of tea when I returned home.

There a few things as sweet (excuse the pun) as cake for breakfast. Try it.