Realise It’s Not Just Us

601877_10152890344720615_843329586_nI’m lucky enough to go out with someone who is exceedingly intelligent but also very concerned with things greater than ourselves, concerned with ways that the world could be better — ways in which society could be better. Last weekend we were on the train and he was looking out of the window deep in thought and I asked what he was thinking about. He said that it was too big to discuss and that moment wasn’t the appropriate time. Since last weekend, we’ve spent time together in the day which is lovely and doesn’t happen often because we are busy with university work, exams and so on, but the last few days we’ve spent eating ice creams in the park and walking together in the sunshine. During these lazy afternoons, he has told me how he would change the way our country is governed/how society functions and inspires me to not just fall back on the lazy “but I can’t make a difference…it’s not that easy…” We talked about how a lot of the time, people we interact with at university talk about mundane, social issues and aren’t aware or don’t care about what’s happening in the world around them. That’s sad. He told me he wanted more from life than to head to London after university and get caught up in the cycle of a career in the city, rent, rut. Whatever happens, I’m eternally grateful to be able to spend time with somebody who makes me realise that there is more in the world than just us. ‘Us’ is wonderful, but it’s not ‘all’. Learning and researching and caring about the world around us, the people who run it, the few people who make real differences is far more important that discussing the ins and outs of Made In Chelsea. While I do enjoy doing that, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that I have somebody in my life who makes me realise the importance of educating myself, being informed and having an opinion.