Monday Musings

Courtesy of Delia Vibond

Courtesy of Delia Vibond (Pinterest)

1. I have purchased a couple of lovely items ready for my internship! Sadly not the Mulberry bag OR the Asos Boucle jacket from this post & now I am even more nervous excited to get started!

2. Speaking of Mulberry, there is a wonderful Factory Shop here in York and there are some beautiful bags with VERY generous discounts….. Mummy?

3. After tomorrow I am finally free!! Well, apart from the dissertation proposal I have to write in a matter of days but who cares!

4. I’m excited to go home in a week, back to the countryside for 10 days or so before I spend the entire summer broke in London. I intend to relax, walk my lovely pups a lot, bake some delicious goods and take beautiful photographs for the blog! I am also attending Scarlett’s Blogger Meet Up which I can’t wait for!

5. I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships this week and people at university. It’s quite sad, but a friend and I came to the conclusion that we can count on one hand, those people that we can really rely on in times of need and would call ‘true’ friends. How sad is that?

Favourite blog of the week is Roost. My description will not do this blog justice – just go and check out the incredible food photography. I particularly love the ‘Life’ category.