Embrace Ch-Ch-Ch-Change

Courtesy of frenchvintagehome.com

Courtesy of frenchvintagehome.com

It’s nearly the end of term, leaving one student house, one way of living and moving back home, to London for the summer. I’m excited for new adventures, meeting new people and doing something very different for a whole three months. Although it will be nerve-racking to say the least, I am going to take everything I can from the experience and try to do as much as I can on a shoestring budget!

This morning I was reading a lot of Gala Darling, a website which you should definitely visit if you haven’t already. I actually found Gala’s website a couple of years ago when I was Googling things like “How can I move to New York” because I am obsessed with the place and am forever searching for ways I can get there despite the difficulty of obtaining a green card. Gala hails from New Zealand but after attending a friend’s party in New York City extended her short stay to a month, then two, then three and then decided it was where she had to live. Despite it all – despite every possible obstacle which must have stood in her way (this aint no Carrie-Bradshaw-sugar-coated-story) she made her dream of being a writer in New York come true. Her blog is wonderful, from her “Things I love” posts which is a celebration of the little things that makes her happy day to day to uplifting pieces about how to make YOUR dreams come true. Her website is Gala Darling – The Radical Self Love Project and that is it in a nutshell: her blog, and her book Love & Sequins, is there to make you realise how wonderful you are, to love yourself and to realise the infinite ways that you can make your dreams come true if you embrace positivity and a different perspective on life. Basically, you realise that anything is possible if you really want it. 

Anyway, the reason I have gone on and on about Gala is because although we all know we should learn to love ourselves a little more, and give ourselves a break now and then, we forget it. We let it slip out of our brain and float away down the plughole with the remnants of the day’s make up. Reading Gala’s blog in bed this morning -before I even placed one foot onto the carpet – made me feel more positive and excited about what is to come. Although I won’t be paid while I intern this summer and money will be tight, I’m just trying to push that aside and embrace all the wonderful things that will come from being in a buzzing city, a feast for the senses that doesn’t have to cost a penny. I am excited that I am moving from this student house into another next year. We looked around our new house this afternoon, and it is much nicer, a little bigger and Saskia my partner-in-crime are moving in with two new girls. Change is brilliant. It shakes things up a little and although some of us resist it – everybody needs change. I’m also turning 21 soon, which I know is nothing and I won’t feel any differently, but it’s a big one and I never really thought I’d see the day!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is:

a) Go and read Gala Darling if you’re feeling a little deflated/unmotivated/lost/uninspired

b) Embrace change – initiate it if you can and find as many positives and good things in a situation

Go on - give change a go!

Go on – give change a go!